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Isle of Mull Guide

Spectacular oceanic views confront the visitor at every turn in the road and you can find a beach that may have seen no other people for days - or even weeks. 'Eagle Island' is an expression occasionally used by wildlife columnists when writing about Mull. Golden eagles and the very rare white tailed sea eagle have their stronghold here, as does the elusive otter. Dolphins, whales and basking sharks are seen regularly around Mull and the 200 smaller islands and rocky outcrops that surround it. Mull is indeed a wild and stunningly beautiful place but it also has attractive villages and settlements scattered amid its glens and along its hugely indented coastline. Tobermory is thought to be the prettiest village in all the Hebrides. The islands of Ulva, Iona and Staffa are other must see destinations - so stay a little longer. Make time for a forest walk or perhaps hire a cycle and ride along one of Mull's hundreds of tracks and trails.

Here are some facts about the Isle of Mull:

• Back in the 16th century, there were only five clans on the Isle of Mull which were: Maclean, MacLaine, MacKinnon, Macquarrie, and MacDonald. Many of the population today still have these surnames, and are descendants of the original ancient clans.

• In 1773 Dr Samuel Johnson visited the Isle of Mull with his companion James Boswell. Boswell recorded details of the visit in his diary, including that they were most unimpressed with a book by 'Martin Martin', which they had used as a guide.

• Founded in 1966 in a converted coach-house on the Isle of Mull, the Mull Theatre has gone on to establish an international reputation and is the world's smallest Theatre.

• The centre of the Isle of Mull is the 3rd wettest place in Britain. On the other hand, the south of the island has set European sunshine records and is home to gorgeous white sand beaches.

• Recent CBeebies classic Balamory was filmed in Tobermory, the largest town on the Isle of Mull, as the brightly coloured buildings were and inspiration for the series. Also one of the characters in 1970s kids' programme 'The Wombles' is also named after the town. Tobermory was the engineer and handyman of the gang.

• The Isle of Mull is one of the best places in Europe to see the Golden Eagle and the White Tailed Sea Eagle. You can also take a trip to see minke whales and dolphins enjoying the waters.

• The waters around the Isle of Mull are the most important habitat for sea mammals in Europe. The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, is based on The Isle of Mull. In 1999 a huge auction on the Isle of Mull saw celebrities such as Sean Connery and Paul McCartney help to raise funds for the charity.

Here are just some places to visit in and around The Isle of Mull:

Duart Castle
Isle of Mull
Argyll PA64 6AP

Glengorm Castle
Isle of Mull PA75 6QE
Torosay Castle and Gardens Craignure,
Isle of Mull, PA65 6AY
Tobermory Chocolate Factory
Isle of Mull
Argyll PA75 6NU
Mull Theatre
Druimfin, Tobermory,
Isle of Mull PA75 6QB
Wings over Mull
Auchnacroish House, Torosay,
Craignure, Isle of Mull PA65 6AY

Scotland is packed with stunning countryside views, steaped in history and proud of its many traditions.
There really is something for everyone in Scotland and the BEST way to get the full experience is by camping.

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