AA Survey Reveals the True Peril of Potholes

As touring caravan owners we all do the best we can to protect our beloved vehicles, but sometimes the biggest problems can be right under our feet. Yes, we're talking about potholes, those problematic pits in the road that often just come out of nowhere, jolting our cars and caravans and frequently leaving them with damage that needs to be quickly repaired. A recent AA survey has confirmed the true extent of pothole peril in the UK, and revealed that Scotland is home to the most pothole-filled roads, with an average of 8.9 potholes per mile. Yorkshire and Humberside followed close behind, with an average of 8.5 potholes per mile, and the West Midlands were in third place with an average of 7.3 potholes in each mile of road.

Looked After London

London was found to have the best-maintained roads in the country, with an average of just 4.9 potholes per mile, but overall the AA survey highlighted that the UK's roads are in an unfavourable condition, and that caravan owners should take extra care whilst towing their vehicles to avoid any damage.

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